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The Muhammadiyah University of Makassar, also known as Unismuh Makassar. It is a private university in eastern Indonesia. As a private university, Unismuh Makassar is coordinated under Coordinator of Regional IX, which is a government-funded institution that coordinates private higher education in Indonesia.

The History

Unismuh Makassar was founded on 19 June 1963 as a branch of Unismuh Jakarta. The establishment of the university was the result of the 21st meeting of the Muhammadiyah Organization of South and South-East Sulawesi Chapters conducted in Bantaeng Regency. At 1st October 1965, Unismuh Makassar was officially declared as a registered private university.

Initially, Unismuh Makassar only had two faculties: the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education and the Faculty of Tarbiyah (Islamic Teaching). As these two faculties were developed, branches were opened in other parts of the South Sulawesi, each of which are self-sufficient and under their own management. Following the success of Faculty of Education, other faculties were set up, including the Faculty of Social and Political Science, Faculty of Economic Study, Faculty of Technique, Faculty of Agriculture, Postgraduate Study Program, and Postgraduate Teaching Certificate Program.

Unismuh Makassar has three campuses at different locations. The main building is located in the south of Makassar city, and is built on 3.4 acres (14,000 m2). The university has more than 36,000 students studying in different subjects to present.

Campus Mission

The mission of Muhammadiyah University of Makassar:

  • Increasing faith and religious devotion
  • Increasing teaching and learning quality
  • Increasing innovative, excellent and competitive research activities
  • Increasing the quality of life and society


  • Preparing students to become a religious and professional scholar
  • Creating, developing and spreading science, technology and arts, to promote Islam, and to increase the prosperity of the society

Academic System

The Muhammadiyah University of Makassar provides higher education, research activities, and community services based on Islamic conduct with an emphasis on student self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship. The characteristics of the academics at the university is courses on Al-Islam and Muhammadiyah’s concept, with the aim of preparing a religious scholar.

The courses offered consist of academic education and professional education. The new academic year starts early in September and ends in June of the following year and is divided into two semesters. Each semester provides 16 active weeks of lectures, seminars, symposium, discussion, workshop, practicum and other scientific activities. The academic administration implements a system of semester credit. Although the curriculum used follows the National Curriculum and International curriculum, as well as covers local content set up by the rector.

The evaluation and assessment of learning progress is conducted periodically through written examinations, assignments, and observations following an applicable regulation.

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